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Advanced mtb kills


The advanced mountain bike skills section builds on the cycling skills learnt in the fundamentals section. Make sure you are at least familiar with each fundamental mtb skill before attempting the skills found in the advanced section. If you struggle with an advanced mtb topic, take a look at the fundamental cycling skills refered to to make sure you havnt missed an important technique.


As you learn the advanced mountain bike riding skills you will find your riding progresses to a level where the fundamentals start to become second nature or subconscious skills. Every few rides take a few minutes to ensure you are still performing these basic cycling skills correctly.


Advanced skills will arm you with techniques to ride rough and technical terrain faster and with more efficiency. They will also give you the ability to tackle obstacles in different ways depending on each particular situation.


These new skills will allow you to ride terrain you thought was unrideable. This will allow you to ride new lines down familiar trails and open up a whole host of new trails for exploration.